PLDT “not worried” about DITO’s fast arrival

DITO Telecom’s expansion in Cebu and Davao should make other competitors worried, as to improve their systems. DITO still has a long way to go to reach the rankings of the duopolies Globe and PLDT.

According to Joachim Horn of Smart Communications Inc, he said that he is not worried that DITO will reach their rankings and it will take “a long time” for them to catch up, he said on a virtual briefing.

“As far as we have information in the areas DITO is launching, they cannot [get] even close on the coverage we have already” he told to reporters after the company’s 2020 financial report.

In addition, he said that he is not concerned about DITO because they are always ahead of the competition.

Last 2019, DITO announced that, once they launch, they hope to see a market share of 30%, to which both Globe and PLDT brushed off.

Even then, PLDT said that they will continue improving their infrastructure and continue its market buildup to protect their shares in the Philippine Market. In addition, the company is planning to spend at least ?92 billion this year.

SOURCE: CNN Philippines