Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT Time Android Will No Longer Be Supported

Splitting from APKs is a very bold move indeed as the global market is still quite dependent on it.

After Huawei got literally and figuratively kicked out of the global scene, the company started initiating plan B with HarmonyOS. This new, initially fork of Android, serves as a replacement to EMUI and uses Harmony Mobile Services instead of Google’s. Because it is an Android fork, HarmonyOS supports APKs and therefore, Huawei users can use this opportunity to download their favourite Google apps, including YouTube.

That plan is only temporary as launching a brand new operating system for mobile is a huge challenge as the world is dominated by Android and iOS. Microsoft tried to be a third player but eventually gave up. What failed for Windows PhoneOS was that it lacked developer support, thus drawing consumers away.

To avoid this mistake, Huawei simply let developers, who are know so used to the Android ecosystem, develop apps for HarmonyOS similarly to how they develop for Android. This allowed it to gain a steady momentum in China and somehow brought them back on the map at least at home. They surely know how to bounce back. Not just that, some elements of HarmonyOS also work for automobiles and IoT appliances, a huge and neat bonus.

Now that HarmonyOS has gained a steady foothold and that other mobile brands are noticing. It’s time for the next big step. That is, stepping away from Google as possible and let it be fully independent. Huawei announces HarmonyOS NEXT to signal its coming big independence.

The developers’ edition of the operating system was made available last Thursday, January 18. The consumer version, which is the version used for everyone else, will be launched by the fourth quarter this year, according to Huawei’s developer conference.

Over 200 industry partners have already got on board with the initial development of HarmonyOS and the company stipulates to get at least 5000 developers over the course of the year.

However, do note that HarmonyOS NEXT dropping Android support will currently only affect Chinese users. Global users can continue to do business as usual. It is also worth noting that HarmonyOS NEXT is curated and catered for Chinese users where Huawei has massive success. Its flagship lineup Mate 60 and the midrange Nova 12 series prove this.

Source: South China Morning Post, Yugatech