The Android iPhone? Google Promises 7 Years of Updates on the Google Pixel 8 Series!

Hopefully the other Pixels too! What a milestone that should have been done a few years back.

WIth all the recent “leaks” that came out of Google, this must be the best one yet! It isn’t a leak if a company intentionally reveals a device then deletes it for media attention. That’s just called generating hype.

What we’re hyped for is the news that Google is promising SEVEN YEARS of Android Security Updates and FIVE YEARS of Upgrades! That’s a year longer than with Apple’s iPhone and could make the phones as valuable as them, and more importantly, more sustainable. An Android phone don’t get this much updates because by the third year, the chipset already has depreciated to the point that it throttles frequently. The new Pixel 8 is equipped with the a new generation Tensor chipset which is, unfortunately, made by Samsung.

Before, Google Pixels only had three years of Android upgrades and five years of security. This system is one year less than OnePlus or Samsung which has four years of upgrades when Google should be leading this race. It is not yet known how long the new policy will have in terms of security updates. With the new update policy, Google has finally surpassed all other manufacturers, now on par with startup company Fairphone because really no one can beat Fairphone in terms of sustainability.

The main reason why Android phones don’t last as long as iPhones because they rely on the update policy of their chip makers, such as Qualcomm and MediaTek. Because Google owns and controls Tensor and they are the only ones using it, they are free to have as many updates as they want which makes the seven-year jump entirely possible.

According to the leaks, the Pixel 8 series will have a curved design and features Black, Grey, and Peach colours. Meanwhile the Pro features a unique Blue colour, lighter than the first-gen Pixel.

Source: Ars Technica