The Power of the HONOR Magic5 Pro: Here are our Camera Samples!

Feel the magic, be the magic.

HONOR will reveal its newest and most anticipated phone yet, the Honor Magic5 Pro, on June 8th. We got the opportunity to play around with the phone, especially the camera. Colour us impressed! They are bloody good.

To summarize, the Magic5 Pro is the second of three flagships of the Magic5 family (the others include the Magic5 and the Magic5 Ultimate which sadly will not see the light of day in the Philippines). It has been tested by DxOMark and praised its camera systems and photo reproduction. It is a flagship phone featuring a triple camera setup arranged based on the first image of the black hole, dual front cameras, IP68 water/dust resistance, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset.

Here are some photos we have taken. These are raw and unedited, only modified by the phone’s processing. Please look at our gallery and see the power behind the magic!

The last photo here is actually taken using the phone’s built-in night mode. This was in a gritty dark environment and the magic5 Pro alone made it look lively, as if taken early in the evening.

That’s the magic we look forward to, and we look forward to the launching as well.