Canon is looking for a smartphone partner. Who could it be?

So we have Xiaomi/SharpxLeica, Vivo/SonyxZeiss, and OnePlus/OPPOxHasselblad. We have HONOR, ASUS, Sony, Transsion, Realme, Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, Apple, and Google left on that list.

Google Pixel 6 with a custom Canon logo

Several photography companies have already partnered with mobile phone makers because they see the potential of smartphone photography in the future. We already have phones with Leica sensors built into them, and so do Zeiss. Heck, even Hasselblad joined in the fun. Canon does not want to be left out and they are currently looking for mobile companies to partner up to show what their software and hardware capabilities can do on a much more portable device. Now our bigger question is when will Nikon and Fujifilm join this bandwagon?

There are still several mobile companies to pick mostly from China. It could be Samsung, Realme, or Honor. Even Meizu could be a potential partner. This news first came out after the reliable Chinese tipster Digital Chat Station, reported this news. For now, we could only speculate but the potential of this happening is high. Canon is already established in both mainstream and professional photography scenes so bringing their capabilities to mobile is an excellent idea.

We could rule out Sony here as they have their own camera systems. We’re also less likely to have Google and Apple do it because their computational photography and AI capabilities are already professional-grade. Finally, Samsung is less likely to collaborate with a camera maker because of its research facilities. That leaves us mostly in the hands of Chinese companies like Realme and HONOR.

That is a safe bet because DCG is from China. Take this news with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed yet. Although it is interesting to see how far Canon could make it in the mobile scene. Who knows, maybe we could see a Motorola or Realme device pop up in DxOMark with this partnership.

Source: Weibo (in Chinese)