Oppo will present the Reno10 series WITH NO FILLER CAMERAS on May 24th

All cameras here are functioning. No useless 2MP this time (finally).

The Reno series is Oppo’s pinnacle midrange series. They feature sophisticated cameras paired with excellent software tuning. It is the company’s experimental higher-end midrange line that embodies what the company is about.

Oppo has confirmed the launch in China, set for May 24th, after a series of leaked ads and videos, as well as renders from rumour mills. The company has also started listing the series in its online stores too.

The latest phone in the series prior to this was the Reno8 series and ended with the Reno8 T which boasted the company’s microscope mode. This uses the macro sensor for its most advantageous purpose. It is no real microscope but what it can emulate is impressive.

Oppo Reno9

Where’s Reno9 you may ask? Well, it’s forever stuck in China. It was released there and a global launch was anticipated. Sadly this did not happen and instead, the Reno10 series took its place. For what it’s worth, the Reno9 series did feel more like a filler. It is essentially what happens when the Vivo V27 and the Oppo Reno8 had a baby.

Anyway, going back, there are three phones in the lineup. The first is the Reno10, then the Reno10 Pro, and finally, the Reno10 Pro+. What makes them unique versus their predecessors is that these phones do not have the icky 2MP filler cameras that we wish companies would remove already. Looks like Oppo is heading in the right direction.

Oppo Reno10

The Oppo Reno10 looks classy, especially in its gold finish. We suspect that the company is cutting down costs by using plastic for the back but nonetheless, the phone is a sight to behold.

We figured we mention this here since it applies to all other phones in the series. The Reno10 features a pill-shaped camera hump and features the MariSilicon X ISP. This means that the phone was already in production by the time the company’s chipset production halted. Also, the phones will share the same 6.7″ curved AMOLED screens with at least a 90Hz refresh rate. It is speculated that the Pro and Pro+ will possess a higher-resolution display.

Another thing, all three phones will also feature some sort of periscope lens capable of at least 5x optical zoom. We’ve only seen this feature so far in one midrange phone, the Infinix Zero X series. it’s about time we see this type of camera outside of flagships more.

Oppo will announce more of the series tomorrow. We’re expecting them to carry a modified version of MediaTek Dimensity 8100 or similar, and possibly the new Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 chipset as well. The phones will arrive with at least 12GB RAM and 256GB ROM based on traces left from the Reno8 Pro+. It will also have at least a 5000mAh battery with a minimum of 33W fast charging.

As these are all speculations, take these specs with a grain of salt. It’s best to wait until the official launch.

Source: GSMArena