GCASH is now available in Japan!

GCash expands overseas making it more accessible for Filipinos… we’re just hoping the security is top-notch.

Aside from South Korea, Filipinos visiting or currently living in Japan can now enjoy GCASH benefits including discount vouchers! Participating stores also now accept the platform as a payment.

These vouchers can be claimed through the A+ Rewards section of the app. To activate, all users need to do is go to the A+ Rewards section and select Japan as the destination. There, you can find merchants which currently have applicable vouchers. Terms and conditions apply.

Participating stores include Don Quijote, Big Camera, Isetan Mitsukoshi Group, Matsuya Foods, etc. Landmarks such as the Narita International Airport also now allow GCASH as a payment method.

Popular convenience stores such as Lawson and FamilyMart now accept GCASH as payment as well.

Just like in the Philippines, to pay using GCASH, users need to scan a QR Code. Find a QR Code with the “Alipay+” and “GCASH” logos then scan it (or in some cases, the store would scan it themselves). Double-check any details and then tap Pay.

Mynt (parent of GCASH) desires to expand into the global scene to make payments much more convenient. GCASH currently has operations in South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Qatar. Filipinos have depended on it to pay bills, make cashless payments, and bring remittances.