The stunning everyday photos taken with the Vivo V27 5G!

That’s when you know this phone is for real.

Above is a night scene taken by the marketing team of the Vivo V27. When the sun goes down, the city lights go up and the moonshine takes centre stage. There are so many good photo opportunities to be taken at night. We believe that night photos are the most exciting because you could really see the excitement and joy happening in the city around you.

And speaking of the night. You may have gone to that luxurious nightclub with your friends (minors, don’t go drinking) you may not remember the events that had happened in that one-time opportunity. Sure you’ve taken photos, but they’re so grainy and blurry that oftentimes, they are useless.

LEFT: No Aura Ring Flashlight RIGHT: With Aura Ring Flashlight

Worry not, the Vivo V27 is the solution to those blurry and grainy night shots. It has a triple camera setup including a customized Sony IMX766V sensor with EIS and OIS. Now when you go vlogging, your video won’t be blurry. Try running even, it will remain steady and calm as the stream.

The Aura Ring light improves lighting conditions instead of making them overexposed like so many LED flashlights on phones. Just take a look at the above image and see for yourself! The Aura Ring light, combined with Vivo’s brilliant AI technology, helps skin tone feel more natural and the background has a more natural bokeh effect as if taken with a studio camera. Oh wait, the Vivo V27 is a studio in your pocket! No wonder.

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This new type of flash is specifically designed to take amazing portrait shots, unlike regular flashlights which only lighten up the surroundings and sometimes, as we said, result in an overexposed image.

Excited? Purchase this newest lineup in the V series for only Php 24,999. If you could not purchase the phone directly, no worries, Home Credit is available for the Vivo V27 series too so you could just pay in installments, and have the #auraportraitmaster available to you in your hands.

The phone is available starting April 11th in all sales channels including Vivo’s offline stores, website Lazada, Shopee, TikTok Shop, and third-party authorized resellers.