HEADS UP! You can now avail of the #AuraPortraitMaster Vivo V27 via Home Credit!

That’s an easier way to get this amazingly flagship-like phone in your hands.

The Vivo V27 series has been out for a while now. Creators have praised them for their innovative camera ring which truly improved photography. Also, the custom Sony IMX766V made the shots taken on the Vivo V27 authentic as it was up to Vivo’s standards.

As an avid photographer, you want something that’s easy to carry. You have been working hard, juggling your job and side hustles, so why not reward yourself with a phone that is practical, long-lasting, attractive, and most importantly, the photo-centric attention of your life? Make this one of your “I deserve this” moments. That payday is best rewarded with something you truly want to cherish.

Now you can easily get a flagship-tier phone thanks to easy and flexible payment options which Vivo continues to expand, so that everyone can have a chance to experience what holding a studio in your pocket feels like. The Vivo V27 series, the #auraportraitmaster, is now available via Home Credit and through credit card payments which rewards you with more credit points.

Avail through Home Credit!

Committed to helping Filipinos bring comfort and lifestyle closer to home, Vivo and Home Credit Philippines collaborated to bring you flexible payment terms. Choose from 9, 12, or 18 months, whatever suits you. Use the Home Credit app for easier, safer, and faster transactions.

  • Vivo V27e: This is the start of your smartphone photography journey. Avail of this premium phone for as low as a 10% initial downpayment and at 0% interest! Choose a flexible instalment plan of up to 18 months! That’s only Php877 a month!
  • Vivo V27: Take your vlogging skills to test with this premium phone that you could get very easily thanks to a low 10% initial downpayment at 0% interest! Not only does it have the innovative ring light but also it has OIS+EIS stabilization, making it the perfect gear for your TikTok or YouTube vlogs! Choose an instalment plan of up to 18 months! That’s only Php 1,289 a month!

Earn valuable rewards when you pay with your Credit Card!

Major credit card providers make highly expensive purchases easy and without hassle. What’s more, earn rewards and build up your credit points as you purchase your chosen #auraportraitmaster unit.

  • Vivo V27e: Experience an awesome deal and pay as low as Php708.29 for up to 24 months instalments — and that’s also 0% interest! With the Vivo V27e, you could be as stylish or as casual as you can be. The minimalist design and thin and flat frame make it a great complement to your casual or work attire.
  • Vivo V27: Grab this exciting deal for only Php1,041.63 per month for up to 24 months of instalments with 0% interest. Capture life’s most powerful moments with its custom-built sensor and game all day every day with zero lag with its powerful Dimensity 7200 chipset and 12GB RAM (with up to 8GB Extended virtual RAM) plus 256GB internal storage. You’ll never run out of space again.

You could read more about the Vivo V27 series through our blog.