Nothing Ear (2) features LDHC audio. It is available for pre-orders in the Philippines!

Transparent is the theme here, and seems like for the entire company.

Carl Pei, founder and CEO of Nothing, Inc. has spoken with Forbes exclusively about his company. This includes well-known facts about the Nothing Phone (1) and Nothing Ear (1). However, one part that stood out the rest was his discussion about the upcoming Nothing Ear (2) which he discussed some of its notable features.

Constantly teased online, the Nothing Ear (2) features a transparent body like its predecessor and supports Low-Latency HD Audio Coded (LDHC) version 5.0. This codec gives audio a richer sound quality. Pei even goes so far to personally contact Spotify to add this new version of LDHC to their library.

It will also have an IP54 rating which helps it against sweat and minor splashes.

This year, Nothing has set out big plans. The announcement of the Nothing Phone (2) and the arrival of the Nothing Ear (2) are just the beginning. Pei said that the Phone (2) is a “really big opportunity for the company”. The Nothing Phone (1) is a success in North America, selling 650,000 units. The next-gen phone would also be first sold there.

In a now-deleted post and listing, Digital Walker has put up the buds for pre-orders (which should last until March 27th). There, the buds cost a tad more expensive than its predecessor at Php 8,490. These buds will be available 7-21 working days after the pre-order period.

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