Realme shares MediaTek’s Dimensity 6020. An all-new 5G chipset for budget phones!

A replacement for the ageing Dimensity 700 series?

It’s not everyday you see a manufacturer sharing details about a yet-to-be-released chipset. Realme, in its blog, shared the MediaTek Dimensity 6020, an unreleased MediaTek chipset designed for budget phones.

For a budget chipset, it has a lot going for it, and a lot to offer. First of all, it’s manufactured on a TSMC 6nm process which allows for an enduring performance for long periods without the chipset overheating. In addition to this efficient process, there’s also MediaTek’s AI Engine to maintain optimal performance.

It’s most notable aspect is its support for 5G. Other features include the MediaTek HyperEngine 4.0 technology for desirable performance in streaming, gaming, multitasking, and others. This will allow the user to experience smooth and lag-free gameplay, and hours of uninterrupted content.

In terms of its Image Signaling Processor (ISP), the chipset supports a quad camera system, with one of them being a 108MP camera. MediaTek’s intelligent AI enables for object recognition and intelligent zoom.

In a nutshell, it’s an enhanced version of the Dimensity 700. It’s about time budget phones get to experience 5G and great power efficiency. After all, the Dimensity 700 is already 3 years old.

While no phones have been announced just yet, Realme may be the first one to include it as they were the first ones to share it. You could expect phones priced below Php 10K to take advantage of it, as stated in the blog post “One of the most impressive aspects of the Dimensity 6020 is its support for 5G Connectivity at budget of [INR] 12K

Source: Realme Community