Graduating? Reward yourself with a sleek Vivo phone!

They come with up to 40% discount too!

Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Duuuunnn Duuunnn. Ahh yes, you’re at the center stage, a momentous achievement in your life after a year of homework, hard work, and attending school both online and offline. You give your friends a pat at the back for making your way to the graduation as the march plays on repeat (specifically, Pomp and Circumstance – Edward Elgar). You probably had honorific awards, heck maybe even valedictorian and/or a cum laude. Your parents are very proud of you!

Why not make your day even more momentous by rewarding yourself with something special, like a phone for instance? You’re in luck because Vivo here is making those graduation moments precious because they have a buttload of phones available at a discount!

By a “buttload” we really mean A BUTTLOAD. Check the list below for the phones they have. Also, it’s not just the phone, you’re also granted one different freebie for each of the different models. That’s how Vivo sees its new graduates. They are special, they are people worth celebrating, and they are people who made a great achievement. Be it you or your loved ones.

Y015,2994,899Premium Tumbler
Y024,9994,849Basic Earphones
Y02s 3+325,7995,599Basic Earphones
Y02s 3+646,4995,799FOOMEE QA05 earphones
Y16 4GB+64GB7,9997,799Premium Tumbler
Y16 4GB+128GB8,9998,799Basic Earphones
Y22s 4GB+128GB10,99910,799Basic Earphones
Y22s 8GB+128GB12,99911,799Basic Earphones
Y3514,99914,799TWS Voguard
Y1s5,2994,699Basic Earphones
V21e17,99910,999Basic Earphones
V21 5G19,99913,999Basic Earphones
X8045,99939,999Basic Earphones
Y15s6,9995,849Premium Tumbler
Y15A7,9996,799Basic Earphones
Y21T10,9999,949Basic Earphones
Y33s12,99910,999TWS Voguard
Y7314,99913,199Basic Earphones
Y76 5G16,99912,899Basic Earphones
T1x8,9998,149Basic Earphones
V25e17,99917,799Basic Earphones
V2523,99923,799Basic Earphones
V25 Pro29,99929,7992in1 Clock Speaker

Every commencement ceremony is worth celebrating and is a core memory in everyone’s lives. These things are worthy of keeping. Hence, having a phone with LARGE STORAGE is quite handy. The Vivo Y16 is a budget phone with large storage. With 4GB RAM and 128GB storage (expandable with a MicroSD Card slot). You can take as many pictures and videos as you like without worrying about losing space. Did we mention the Y16 is a budget phone with pretty large storage?

Also, you can go further and beyond. You know, you may have a phone but it’s really not that useful if it dies fast. Hence the Vivo Y35 comes with a package that makes “lowbat” a thing of the past. It has a large 5000mAh battery with 44W fast charging with its given cable. So if you forgot to charge it throughout the night before the big day, no worries! You can charge this about an hour earlier and you will get a full battery. Not only can you take all the videos and photos, but you could also video call your friends and relatives for this once-in-a-lifetime occassion!

All of Vivo’s phones are equipped with large batteries that last throughout the day, even their most budget-oriented phone, the Vivo Y02 with a 5000mAh battery.

Graduation ceremonies isn’t just about you marching up the stage and receiving your diploma, it’s also about after the ceremonies end where memories from your friends will be created and bonded. After all, this may be the last time you’ll ever meet, why not make the moment last? Never miss out on anymore moments with the Vivo Y22s with its impressive 50MP camera. It has an enhanced super night mode that, even in little to no light, your photos will come out bright and vivid as if taken during the day. This camera will capture all your heartfelt interactions with friends and proud family members in clear and vivid detail. Make the most of your graduation without worrying about poor-quality photos.

The Vivo V27e is actually out now for pre-orders. It has got this cool aura light that mimics softlights found in photo studios. It’s actually designed this way so that your portraits are professional looking, and it also allows for the best vlogging moments. It’s a super bright flash that enhances your photos, even during the night. Its 64MP primary rear camera is designed with details in mind, and its 32MP selfie camera is designed for vloggers and the selfie fanatics. Also, you could use these two cameras at the same time thanks to a feature called “Dual View”. Uploading to sites like Instagram and TikTok had never been so easy.

Also, want to further upgrade your moments? The Vivo X80 is one of the latest flagships from Vivo. What makes this phone stand out from the rest is its Zeiss-coated lenses and OIS which prevents shaky video, even when things go a little wild during the party. Yes, this phone has cameras that is a lot similar to many professional DSLR cameras. Zeiss is a company that creates lenses for DSLRs, and now you can have that similar experience right in your pocket.


Whether you are a graduate or you have a loved one graduating soon, enjoy the gift of a functional yet affordable smartphone that will let you celebrate and capture your wonderful Commencement Day memories and more. Visit vivo’s official e-store website and add these vivo smartphones to your cart now!

This promo runs from March 19th to March 25 on Vivo’s official e-store website.