MediaTek joins MWC 2023! Will showcase satellite-based communications technology.

Talk to the rain quite literally.

MWC 2023 is fast approaching. It is the world event where different technology companies showcase their prowess in their industries. This year, it will take place in Barcelona, Spain. MediaTek will be showing up in the event and is excited to present users about satellite tech that will be showcased with their Dimensity, Filogic, Genio, Kompanio, and Pentonic lineups! Helio is sadly out the window now.

“Our diverse technology portfolio underscores how we’re well-positioned to address the latest trends like bringing 5G and satellite connectivity to a wide range of devices, and to deliver advancements in the latest technology,” said Joe Chen, President of MediaTek. “We’ll also have some of the latest MediaTek-powered devices to highlight how we are delivering incredible experiences in every product category.”  

According to MediaTek, the solution they have presented for their satellite communications tech is based on mmWave 5G technology which is now commonplace. Using a 5G-based Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) solution, the company could bring two-way satellite communications on smartphones and other devices, including televisions, tablets, and computers. This is highlighted because the Kompanio series are designed for tablets while the Pentonic series are designed for televisions.

MediaTek is also committed in delivering reliable 5G technology to consumers globally. One example of this commitment is through their proprietary tech called Access Traffic Steering, Switching, and Splitting (ATSSS). This was made possible thanks to a collaboration with Deutsche Telekom, which, together, had conducted the world’s first proof-of-concept ATSSS 3GB R16 release. The test chipset? The Dimensity 9200 which is already available in flagship smartphones.

The first use case of ATSSS is to guarantee smooth and reliable voice and video calling. This was achieved by using ATSSS and then switching to 5G and Wi-Fi and vice versa constantly. This solution works for both Wi-Fi connections and cellular services, including 4G LTE and 5G.

Remember Ericsson? The Swedish telecoms company that used to make top-of-the-line cellphones back in the day? They are collaborating with MediaTek so that they could demonstrate the latter’s new beam mmWave 5G technology. In addition, the company will also unveil its 5G UltraSave mmWave in MWC 2023 with the purpose of extending battery life during high-speed data transfers on compatible 5G smartphones.

Some of the smartphones that will be presented in the event include the Vivo X90 series powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 9200, the Oppo Find N2 Flip and Tecno’s first-ever folding phone, the Phantom V Fold. Both of which are powered by the Dimensity 9000+. And finally, we have two tablets: the OnePlus Pad and the Lenovo Tab Extreme which use the Dimensity 9000.

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The company has also announced in its press release that the Dimensity 7000 series will be born here at this event. These are top-of-the-line midrange chipsets built with a 2nd-gen 4nm TSMC process (the same as the flagship Dimensity 9200). The first example is the Dimensity 7200. To recall, this chipset is composed of two Cortex-A715 cores (up to 2.8GHz) and six Cortex-A510 efficiency cores. It uses the Arm Mali-G610 GPU with AI-based ray tracing. This enhances the graphics quality of your games. It also supports up to 200MP camera resolutions and 144Hz IPS LCD screens. It is built upon an R16 sub-6GHz 5G connectivity.

Another chipset that will make its debut is the budget Helio G36 which is a slightly weaker Helio G37 and is composed of the same architecture as the G37.

MediaTek will make appearances in Barcelona starting tomorrow until March 3rd. You could visit them by going to MediaTek’s booth in Hall 3, Stand 3D10.