EA closes APEX Legends Mobile and halts development of Battlefield Mobile

Hence, you should always look at feedback first before actually trying to rob them off.

Only 8 months since the development of APEX Legends, and only a year after it was announced that it was “game of the year”. So much for that.

The mobile port’s announcement was made first in March and a beta test was launched in select countries, including the Philippines. The game was originally a PC and console title, created to compete with the popularity of Valorant. The game was ported to mobile to compete with popular titles like Call of Duty Mobile and the upcoming Valorant Mobile.

Clearly, the marketing did not work. Respawn, the developers, posted on their social media pages, as well as on EA’s blog, that the game will sunset on 1st May, 2023, 4PM PDT. Unfortunately for the players who paid, they won’t be refunded, so EA just took your money and left without a trace. Like a scammer would.

In addition, since January 31st, all in-app purchases were disabled and the game would be removed from partner top-up wallets and webstores. Players could still spend their remaining inventory of Syndicate Gold, the premium currency, and continue playing as normal. The game was in its fourth season prior to closure.

EA cited that the main reason for the shutdown was the negative feedback for players. The company clearly never learns. This was also the same reason why Command and Conquer Generals 2 was shelved.

For those playing the real APEX Legends on PC and consoles, you’re in luck. They will be staying for a long time.

Battlefield Mobile. Image courtesy: EA

As for Battlefield Mobile, seeing how APEX Legends turned out, production and development of the game was shelved. It sucks too because, when we played it first on the WIko T50, we really enjoyed the beta despite it not being as polished. It had potential to rival Call of Duty Mobile, but the clear winner on this battlegrounds is the new state of Call of Duty. This battlefield is a warzone.

We’ve made the strategic decision to stop development on Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile. ” EA said in a statement. “We’ve also made the decision to stop the development of the current Battlefield mobile title. As the industry has evolved and our strategy to create a deeply connected Battlefield ecosystem has taken shape, we decided to pivot from the current direction to best deliver on our vision for the franchise and to meet the expectations of our players. We remain highly committed to unlocking Battlefield’s enormous potential. We’re hard at work at evolving Battlefield 2042, and are in pre-production on our future Battlefield experiences at our studios across the globe.” the company added.

EA put their resources instead on developing the major Battlefield title, Battlefield 2042, which was also met with harsh criticisms at launch because it was bug-ridden, glitchy, and its use of a class system. The decline of its graphics versus Battlefield 5 also contributed to the negative reception as well as using a predatory microtransaction practices and the lack of single player mode.

Source: Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts, EA Respawn