The SIM Card Registration Law will take effect on December 27th

And if you don’t register within the next 180 days, your SIM Card(s) will be deactivated.

Last October, President Marcos signed the newly amended SIM Card Registration Law in hopes that text scams could be prevented and eradicated. This is required for all telecommunications providers nationwide and consumers would have to oblige. They have to register their new and existing prepaid and postpaid SIM Cards.

Four days ago, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) released the rules and regulations for the new law which would take effect on December 27th. As stated in the PDF file, all subscribers have 180 days to register their SIM Cards, and new SIM Cards are inactive until registered. Registration is free but different service providers have different ways of registration.

Telecommunications providers have provided a web portal for them to register their new and existing postpaid and prepaid SIMS, such as with Globe and Smart (see above). DITO, meanwhile, is yet to announce their process.

You could read more about the basics of the new SIM Card Registration Law here.