JUST IN: SIM Registration Act now a law!

The law requires users to present valid IDs before using or purchasing their SIM Cards!

In a live conference by the Radio Television Malacañang (RTVM), President Ferdinand “BongBong” Marcos Jr officially signs the SIM Card Registration Act, also formally known as the Republic Act No. 11934. This law requires all prepaid and postpaid SIM Card users to present valid documents with photo through all SIM Card sellers, including PTEs (Public Telecommunications Entities).

The main objective of this new law is to track perpetrators of crime committed through smartphones and other cellular devices. The data presented by users are treated with extreme confidentiality unless stated otherwise by the registrant.

Telco companies are instructed to disclose the full name and address of the SIM Card user upon a duly issued subpoena or order from a court. Those who use false information of any kind shall face severe and appropriate consequences.

Meanwhile, Law Enforcement agencies may request from PTEs to obtain the information of a SIM Card user if they are suspected to be committing a crime through the use of a SIM Card for investigation purposes.

To recall, several telco companies, including the giants Globe, Smart, and DITO all expressed their support for this new law. The National Privacy Commission expressed their support as well, stating that this new law would “prevent the proliferation of various and evolving electronic communication-aided criminal activities”.

You can find the requirements needed for this law in our separate article.

Source: Radio TV Malacañang (has ended)