ICYMI: The Oppo A57 has been released.

We did a review on this one, so go ahead and check that out.

Giving your loved ones a Christmas gift is one way to truly end the year. Christmas is about the gifts that continues giving, and smartphones are one of the hottest gifts you can give to your love ones. If you ever plan to take home a phone, we suggest giving them an Oppo A57, which we have reviewed by the way.

The phone uses Oppo’s new design language called Oppo Glow. The unit we reviewed is the Glowing Green variant which, despite its name, does not actually glow in the dark. There’s also Glowing Black and Gold if you want those, and to us, design is one of the biggest strengths BBK Electronics has to offer.

To recap, the Oppo A57 has a 6.56in. HD+ screen with unfortunately only 60Hz refresh rate. However, we stated that in our review and this has been compensated because the screen is actually vibrant, sharp, and bright.

It uses a MediaTek Helio G35 chipset which is not ideal for the price it offers but what surprised us is the Virtual RAM this phone has, and that’s up to 4GB, even with the 64GB version. It also comes with 4GB physical RAM and you can also have the option to purchase a 128GB one. Not only that, the phone has a triple SIM Card slot.

It has three cameras, again not appropriate for its price, a dual 13MP+2MP setup at the back and an 8MP front shooter which is a downgrade from the original’s 16MP. However, the phone’s camera capabilities are surprisingly good, and each picture taken is sharp and vibrant, possibly a little too sharp for our tastes.

One of the most notable features we like is the 5000mAh battery and 33W fast charging it comes with, which is usually not an option at a sub-Php10K price point, and in our tests, the battery is pretty durable, lasting up to 14 hours on regular use (depends on how you use it though, this is just our test) and charges within an hour, as Oppo claimed, and rightfully so. This is a perfect phone for power users. It also has numerous power-saving features, further improving battery life.

The Oppo A57 is durable because it went through 150,000 volume button presses, 500,000 power button presses, 20,000 cable insertions and removals, and 10,000 earjack plug-ins and outs. Yes, this phone still has a 3.5mm jack and even USB-C.

Available at a somewhat pricey Php 8,999 for the 4/64 at Lazada and Shopee. In addition, there is also a 4/128 variant at Php 10,999.