The Google Pixel 7A will FINALLY feature a 90Hz high refresh rate screen!

Twitter was going insane when the Pixel 6A had none.

The Google Pixel A series is a budget version of the normal Pixel with cheaper materials while also keeping what the Pixels are known for: TOP TIER CAMERAS, and now, the Tensor chipset which was retained with the Pixel 6A. One thing that phone lacked is a high refresh rate which was considered “unacceptable” for its asking price.

According to a rumor from a reliable tipster, Google will finally solve that issue, so the Pixel 7A will now have a 90Hz OLED screen. Otherwise, the phone has an identical or near identical design as the Pixel 7.

The camera hardware on the Pixel 7A are of course, a little different. It’s not the 50MP OIS one as with the regular. The Pixel 7A will instead have a midrange Sony IMX787. Still, this is quite the improvement over the IMX363 seen on the previous version. One returning feature is wireless charging. It may not seem very significant here in the Philippines, but in the US, it’s almost a necessity. Alongside the 64MP main camera is the Sony IMX712 sensor with details to be announced once the phone actually exists.

Unlike the Pixel 6A which used Google’s own Tensor chipset, the Pixel 7A has, interestingly, a Qualcomm modem so if the device becomes a reality, we’re expecting a Snapdragon-powered smartphone (please not SD695 again).

These are all just speculations so some things may still change. After all, the phone will not debut until 2023 so stay tuned for official details!

Source: Kuba Wojciechowski