Narzo DID IT AGAIN! Narzo 50i Prime SOLD OUT IN 11 MINUTES

This was during the 11.11 sale. Imagine regular sales.

Narzo may be just a Realme in disguise but they want to be dissociated from that, and of course they don’t have the resources yet to distinguish themselves from their parent company. Realme started out with ColorOS and a subsidiary of Oppo before creating RealmeUI and distancing themselves completely from Oppo (but not BBK Electronics apparently).

While Narzo is just a starting company, they’re already showing some substantial progress. Their most budget-friendly offering, the Narzo 50i Prime, was restocked after it sold out before the 11.11 sale. However, Narzo said this new batch also sold well, and that’s pretty solid for a company that has no resources of its own. The phone was discounted to just Php 3,959 during the 11.11 sales which largely contributed to it being sold really well.

The phone will be discounted again today and tomorrow, in time for Shopee’s Super Brand Day Sale.

With that said, the company has a long way to go before it fleshes itself out. However, these results already show what Narzo is capable of, and someday, they may be able to produce their own phone with their own design and resources. Congratulations Narzo for such an amazing feat!

On the other hand, its parent company remains the no.1 smartphone brand in the Philippines, according to IDC.