Oppo offers FREE repairs for your mobile device

Provided that your phone is made by them of course.

If you have bought a phone, chances are you want to keep that phone for life, until it dies to ensure that it’s worth the investment, possibly for two years before replacing it. Sometimes, a phone may start encountering problems before the end of its shelf life. Oppo is one of the handful of companies that manufacture smartphone after smartphone every few months and their devices often come with a warranty that protects it from accidental damage.

Now, Oppo is offering a more sustainable option. Today, Oppo announced that it is offering FREE check-ups and consultation for your Oppo-branded devices. This check up covers all the basics that a phone might have a problem with, and even includes a FREE Password reset!

This check up was initiated because customers want their phones to be value for the money and also be durable. Repair costs can be expensive, most of the time, they cost as much as a new phone. However with Oppo’s free repair check-up, you can be at peace of mind.

The Oppo Care Bundle is available at your nearest Oppo service center. This bundle includes a guaranteed one-hour turnaround time for repairs and free shipping after your phone has been completely diagnosed and/or repaired. Truly a convenient and easy way to maintain your phone’s longevity.

The free check-up offers several maintenance option all of which are free of charge. This includes software upgrades, diagnosis, a screen protector, disinfection, and labour costs.

First come first served. So there may be a line before you could be assisted. Don’t like waiting in lines? Take the hassle-free experience by booking an appointment via the Oppo Support page or by downloading the MyOppo app available for Android and iOS devices.

If you need a smartphone immediately but your only phone is still under repairs, Oppo also has that covered for you. Borrow a smartphone from them through the Loan Phone Service programme. Some Oppo service centers allow face-to-face repairs too so you can be there and be consulted to your device.

Every month, Oppo treats their customers during the Oppo Service Day. During that day, several discounts and freebies await you! This event occurs every 10th or 12th of every month. These discounts and offers are provided by Oppo Service Centers which include screen replacements, accessories, and motherboard replacements, as well as free drinks and other goodies

For a free service, that surely has a lot of freebies which are not offered elsewhere. Make your phone last and make your money worth by booking an appointment right away!

You can contact Oppo through various channels, including any authorized Oppo dealers and concept stores, as well as service centers. Oppo’s customer service is open from 9am to 9pm everyday through a toll-free hotline, e-mail, or chat through Oppo’s support website or Oppo Care Philippines Facebook page.

Live a convenient life with your smartphone as Oppo’s Service Centers take care of everything for you.