Here are some of the things you could find on the new OneUI 5.

Now based on Android 13 with more fluid animations

Samsung officially announces OneUI 5 now that Android 13 is going live. OneUI 5 improves over the previous version by having more customization options, better optimization, and more fluid animations.


The new OneUI 5 features a new way to customize the lock screen. Just like you would traditionally do with the home screen, the lock screen can now be customized by simply tapping and holding until a menu appears. Here, you can have a live or static wallpaper, customize the looks of the digital clock, and even set a part of your video as a live wallpaper. In addition, Samsung has added more wallpapers for you to truly customize your true self.

There are also 16 colour palettes that follow the same structure as Google’s Material You design language. These colours will match your wallpaper that is curated according to your tastes.

Widgets are also available for you to use, as it is, and always will be, since the dawn of Android.

Modes and Routines

Here you can keep track of your activities. It even includes a sleep mode which helps you keep track of your sleep and help promote a better sleep overall. Routines can now perform app pairs and when you turn on Aeroplane Mode or Mobile Data, you can now also start it.

Interface and Gestures

As mentioned, the UI now comes with more fluid animations which will improve haptic feedback and making screen swipes more natural. Blur effects are also improved for the home screen, quick panel, and all across the UI by improving colours and contrast.

In addition, you can now two-finger swipe upward from the bottom of the screen to reveal split screen. You can also drag apps from the taskbar or Recents screen to create a small PIP window for them. Whichever is convenient for you.

Camera and Gallery

If your phone has a telephoto lens, you can now shoot in better details in Food Mode. There are also a newer wider array of filters to choose from and the Histogram is now available for the Pro Mode. And speaking of Pro Mode, the camera app now tells you the function of each photographic pillar so you can adjust the mood of your pictures more comfortably according to your tastes.

Albums are now more flexible! You can merge albums which have a similar or the same name, and you can hide and delete them too.


Just like native Android for several years, OneUI 5 now asks you what kind of notifications you want the app to set if you’re using it for the first time. The notification controls are now placed at the top of the notification settings so you don’t have to adjust each notification one by one. App icons are also slightly larger now.

You can view everything about OneUI 5 through this link.

The new version will roll out first on Samsung’s flagships. If your phone is compatible, then you may receive an OTA update. It may also upgrade your phone from Android 12 to Android 13.

For now, the Galaxy S22 series, the Z Fold series, the Z Flip series, The Galaxy Note 20, the Galaxy A52, A53, and the Galaxy Tab S series are confirmed for OneUI 5

Source: The Indian Express, Samsung