Google reveals Android 13 Go Edition. It now sports Material You design

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With over 250 million phones now powered by Android Go, it is no surprise that Google will continue developing this lighter version of Android. One of the biggest changes is that this version now sports the Material You design language first introduced in Android 12.

Material You for Go phones, because Pixels are too expensive.

Material You was mostly reserved for stock Android as well as Pixel phones. Now, even the cheapest Android phone can get to experience one. The lighter version of Android 13 also brings features that are available with the regular version including Notification Permissions, App Language Preferences, and others.

Google also promises that Android Go phones will get updated regularly with security updates that won’t consume too much space. To achieve this, the updates would come directly from Google Play.

Android 13 Go phones will start taking appearances by 2023.

Source: Google