Intel to retire the Celeron and Pentium series for notebooks by 2023

Everything would be Intel to the core

Intel Pentium. Wallpaper from: Wallpaper Access

Intel has recently announced that the Pentium and Celeron nameplates would be retired. Gone are the days when Pentium 4 was the biggest flex you had with your friends and it was the most powerful processor you can purchase from them. Now, when you say “Pentium”, it would mean that you don’t have a budget for a gaming PC. What a shame. Back then, a working PC only needs two cores and two threads to work. Programs and technology get more demanding as years pass.

These two processors died just so they could be replaced by Intel Processor. What a dull and unoriginal name. Intel justified that, with Celeron and Pentium gone, they could shift their focus to their flagship Core line as well as Evo and vPro lines. They also argued that their retirement could streamline brand offerings across PC segments for a simplified communication towards customers as well as to lessen their confusion on which Intel laptop should they purchase.

So in a nutshell, it’s Intel oversimplifying things. Not everything has to be oversimplified, just keep it as is, as it adds variety.

Source: Intel