These are the most popular games you can top up using GCash

Or you can save yourself the mental pain by using that GCash money for Stray instead.

It’s almost time for students to go back to school face-to-face, it’s also almost time for employees to go back to their office workspace. However, sometimes, we all wanted a breather. And we don’t know if these games can actually make you feel relaxed, or make you feel stressed out even more. Either way, they are popular.

It’s obvious you play at least one of the games listed (Oh wait, you don’t?). Maybe you just wanna brag or flex about the multimillion-dollar skin you bought that would have been useful for your college tuition. What a shame. Please touch some grass.

Of course, we’re talking about Valorant, League of Legends, APEX Legends, and DOTA 2. There are some new offers that GCash is offering its users, and they’re only available for a limited time. So maybe, just for now, wasting that hard-earned college tuition is worth it. Go ahead, #PayWithGCash

Since these offers are only available for a limited time, having GCash ready is convenient, as it allows you to #GToPlay right away once you set up your PC.


The “always exciting” and colourful FPS game Valorant is a Filipino favourite, and is also one of the most streamed games to date. The game constantly releases skins which may be permanent or on a limited-time release. The game has just started a new season, making it the perfect opportunity to brag to your friends. What’s that? You already pay with GCash? Well, that’s great! Time to top-up Valorant Points so you can show off your ridiculously colourful guns to your friends.

You can top-up directly through the game or through Codashop using GCash.


The International 11 is coming soon, and the game’s battle pass is about to be renewed. While there’s no exact date to it, it’s better to be prepared to purchase Steam Credits using GCash in one of the most iconic and popular MOBA games ever released. Surely, it would not make you scream for a slightly wrong move your teammate did.

APEX Legends

APEX Legends is one of the newer candidates in the fast-paced first-person shooters in the style of Overwatch. Just like Valorant and Overwatch, it features colourful skins and has a variety of characters with a unique set of skills and abilities.

The game’s 13th season, Saviors is coming to a close this 10th of August so you don’t want to miss out on the limited-time skins which may never see the light of day again. Or you can wait for the new battle pass season to come out. Whatever your choice is, it’s easy to purchase APEX Coins in Steam using GCash. That is, if you want to give EA your money.

League of Legends

Ahh yes, League of Legends, a game kids love to shout and scream, as well as trash talk through their jet engine-powered microphone. For every slightly wrong move you make, you get judged. That’s the adrenaline that makes you lose brain cells and play the game more. Since you cannot stop shouting and haven’t seen the light of day, maybe you too will be allergic to touching grass?

The game is to commence a large event called Star Guardian this month. This event will feature skins that is akin to a Maho Shoujo anime. If you’re into magical girls and you have no life, then this might sound exciting for you.

In order to buy the skins, you need RP (Riot Points), and what’s the most convenient way to purchase them? Through GCash of course! However you can’t buy RP directly. Instead, you have to purchase Garena Shells which you can then convert into RP so that you can show off how much of a shut-in weeblet you are.

You can purchase Garena Shells through CodaShop. Upon checkout, make sure to select GCash as your mode of payment.

Are you ready to #PaywithGCash? If you’re about to renew your battle passes or purchase a skin, it’s always convenient with GCash as it does not require extensive documentation to register. All you need is a phone number where the app can send an OTP to and you’re good to go! (For activation, Gcash does require legal documents for identification purposes).

With GCash you’re always ready to #GToPlay since you can top-up without doing any complicated steps. The app is available through Google Play and the Apple App Store.