Honor exits out of India.

The company just doesn’t work out in the country.

Honor Headquarters

What was once a powerful company under Huawei is now merely a figure of existence. The company has since split and sold by Huawei so that they won’t be affected by the ban. It’s like a mom seeing her child living life on their own for the first time. It was in tears.

Recently, Honor has been struggling in India and the company’s CEO Zhao Ming, has announced that it will exit the country. The abolishment has been planned for a while since its last tweet was last March 2021. India used to be profitable for Honor, but stiff competition caused them to lag behind. It does not help that they used to be a former Huawei division, only recently split.

The company will continue fulfilling its promises to its Indian customers despite the setbacks. The company was asked about its EV plans. For now, the company has no plans doing that. The company may come back in the future, as hinted by its CEO.

It was definitely an Honor having you.

Source: GizmoChina