ICYMI: Micron created the first 1.5TB MicroSD card intended for video surveillance storage purposes.

Yes, footage taken from those crappy bank CCTVs.

Micron has revealed the i400 MicroSD card a few weeks ago. It looks like a typical MicroSDXC card except it comes with 1.5TB storage. For context, most smartphones can support only up to 1TB and even MicroSD cards at that price are very pricey.

It was announced at the Embedded World 2022 Conference. Other than being the first 1.5TB MicroSD card, it also is the world’s first 176-layer 3D NAND. This new node heavily improves read and write latencies. This technology was also pioneered by Micron.

Its main purpose is to store large videos, particularly those used for surveillance such as CCTV footage, police records, home security, dashcams, and others. It also has a high emphasis on performance and endurance. Micron said that it takes about two million hours, or approximately, 228 years for the card to die off. An unusually absurd shelf life that could surpass the devices it is used in.

According to Micron, the i400 MicroSD card can store up to 120 full days’ worth of surveillance footage which enables users to optimize which footage they want to be stored in the cloud. This would theoretically result in using less bandwidth than usual. It is also strong and fast enough to store full 4K video and “up to eight AI events per second.”

The MicroSD card is currently being sampled by multiple security firms such as Verkada, a cloud-based enterprise. We don’t know yet if Micron is planning to push this storage type for consumer usage, and if they do, at what cost? When SanDisk launched the first-ever 1TB MicroSD card, it retailed for approximately USD 500 (~Php 25.8K [~Php 28K in 2022 adjusted for inflation]). So this new storage option would retail for much more than that since it’s new.

Source: Micron via Gizmodo