Huawei and Leica partnership has ended

Now Xiaomi is their best friend

Huawei P50, the last major Huawei phone with Leica enhancement.

Huawei and Leica’s relationship over the years has gone from sweet to sour thanks to US sanctions against the former. During that time, there were rumors that Leica, a German company, would break off its partnership with the Chinese giant, as Germany is a major US ally. This did not come true up until this point.

The first Huawei phone to embed Leica cameras is the Huawei P9. Since then, almost every major phone of the P series and the Mate series had Leica cameras, up until the P50.

The recently released foldable, Mate Xs 2 curiously no longer carries the Leica branding, and this is probably the reason for that.


Since 2015, Huawei Consumer Business Group and Leica Camera AG have worked intensively together. The cooperation between the two companies ended on March 31 of 2022.

The two companies highly appreciate the partnership. The cooperation was based on each company’s excellent technical know-how and mutual trust resulting in ground-breaking innovations in the field of smartphone photography. Together, Huawei and Leica Camera have created new imaging standards and technical capabilities, bringing convenient and high-quality experiences to consumers worldwide, through which they have recorded the most memorable moments of their lives.

Huawei is grateful to its global consumers for their support and will continue providing them with the ultimate in mobile photography experiences through its continued pursuit of innovation.

We thank you for your continuous support for Huawei. Have a good day!


Leica might have broken off their end of the deal to engage in a long-time partnership with Xiaomi. The company also has a limited partnership with Sharp and has also released their own smartphone with their own optics based on a Sharp phone. This has a 1in. sensor that’s nearly comparable to small cameras.

Source: Android Authority