The behemoth Redmi Max 98″ TV is arriving in the Philippines with a behemoth price tag

Theater-like experience right at home, if the TV fits your home

TVs and monitors just expand way beyond the universe. 32″ flat screens were seen as large when they first came out and now they are considered small. Heck, even 55″ is considered “normal” now for every home. Our 40″ TV is pretty large already but this is the world we live in. TVs just get bigger and bigger.

If you happen to sell both of your kidneys, mortgage your house, and/or sell your car, you might be able to afford the godly-large Redmi Max 98″. TV. By the way, 98 inches is not the biggest size televisions have to offer, you can purchase even a 200in one if that fits your house.

Okay, enough comments about how humongously large this TV is. Let’s get to the rundown of the specs. The TV has a 4K resolution which may be lacking for a TV this size (if they went with 8K at the minimum, the display would look very crispy with little pixelation). The display is further enhanced by the AI system implemented with it which includes 20 image-enhancing capabilities along with HDR and MEMC. The display has 85% NTSC colour gamut.

The TV is powered by 4GB RAM and 64GB storage and uses the 12nm Amlogic T972 quad-core TV chipset. The TV also has support for wireless projection and also includes Xiaomi’s voice assistant.

It has four speakers with Dolby Atmos so now it would really feel like a theater experience. For the ports, the TV includes 3x HDMI, 2x USB-A ports, 1x AV input, 1x antenna, 1x S/PDIF to connect external speakers, and 1x Ethernet port for wired connectivity. For a TV this large, we expected slightly more ports but this will do. It has Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-FI 802.11ac for connectivity.

The TV is available for Php 244,999 at select Authorized Xiaomi Stores. Do you have what it takes to bring home a gigantic TV?

Source: Xiaomi-Grimalkin