Google I/O 2022: Android 13 Beta and what we know so far.

Coming to frontrunner devices as well as Google Pixels

Google I/O this year has a lot of things to show us, that includes Android 13. The company has announced that the Beta version has arrived and the stable version would be releasing alongside the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, which is around September.

Here’s what Google has presented so far.


In addition for permissions in accessing files and media, Android 13 gives users more flexibility by adding two new permissions. “Photos and Video”, and “Music and Audio”. To make things more specific, users can now select between individual photos or albums when sending them to a user.

Android 13 will now notify its users if an app accesses your clipboards and the system will shortly remove old and used items copied to your clipboard so apps don’t simply just use them.

Android 13 will introduce a more unified Security and Privacy center. Now, it’s colour coded so it will be easier for users to understand and will also provide tips on how to further boost their phone’s security.


Google’s Material You designed just got more refined, providing with even more colour schemes. In Android 13, compatible non-Google apps can now be themed appropriately by using a “Themed Icons” toggle. This feature is currently only available for Pixel phones.

If you’re listening to music with an artwork on it, then Android 13’s music control will mimic the style of it, so it matches with the tone.

Android 13 also now lets you individually select the language for apps. So you might set one app in English and the other in Spanish. This depends on the support of languages the system has though.


Android 12L served as a testbed for Android tablets. Since their reappearance in 2020, Google has been noticing tablets again. With the success of Android 12L, Android 13 will be now more optimized for use on tablets and features better multitasking capabilities. The taskbar now resembles Chromebooks and allows you to perform split screens or switch to another app seamlessly.

So that’s all that was presented for the Android 13 beta. Keep yourselves updated as there are more features on the way.

Source: Google