POCO Watch and POCO Buds Pro Genshin Edition are now official!

Both were released alongside the Poco F4 GT

Alongside the performance-studded Poco F4 GT, Xiaomi isn’t done releasing goodies for you yet! More surprises await Xiaomi and Genshin fans as the company partners with Mihoyo to bring you the POCO Buds Pro Klee Edition! These wireless earbuds were derived from the Redmi AirDots 3 Pro Klee Edition exclusively in China.

Another surprise brought by the company is POCO’s first watch, the POCO Watch. The design isn’t originally from POCO though as it is a rebranded Redmi Watch 2.

POCO Watch

The Poco Watch has its default watch face that highly reminds us of Apple Watches. It uses a squarish 1.6in. AMOLED for its display with 360x320px resolution. It has 100+ sports modes and like every other smartwatch, has an oxygen-and heart rate sensor built in. It has IP68 water resistance and also, GPS to keep track of your activities on the move. It also boasts a 14-day battery life for multi-purpose uses. In addition to the default watch face, you can customize your POCO Watch to your liking as it comes with over 100+ stylish watch faces.

The watch will be available for Php 3,999. Its early bird price is Php 3,599 and is available on several purchasing channels like Lazada and Shopee. It comes in three colours. Black, Lvory (a typo of “Ivory”), and Blue. Sales start today.

POCO Buds Pro Genshin Edition

The Poco Buds Pro Genshin Edition has a design taken from the game’s character, Klee. She is a 10-year-old fire elemental character and hence the design is all flamy red all over. Its own carrying case is based on Klee’s trusty backpack.

As for the earbuds themselves, the charging case has support for wireless charging, a 9mm composite dynamic drivers with 35dB ANC (active noise cancellation), a 28-hour battery life, and special voiceovers from Klee herself that replaces the old notification voices for charging, low-battery, connectivity, and othes. Now you can feel cute or embarrassed as people look at you hearing Klee’s voice from the total weeblet you are.

As for IP rating, it has IPX4 water resistance. The earbuds themselves feature silicone tips and will also include a Genshin Impact ID.

Some of you are probably wondering how much these earbuds cost. Well, Xiaomi is yet to announce it, and hear us out, you’re probably excited to buy them, you filthy degenerate.