And the Sun has finally set… Sun Cellular is no more and has been merged with Smart

The telco service known for bringing unli calls and texts to the country has died yesterday.

Smart has announced a few weeks ago that Sun’s postpaid services, the telco’s last legs, would be merged with Smart. This announcement meant that Sun, the company known for famously bringing the affordable yet practical unli calls and text services into the country, will cease to exist.

In light of this change, Smart has promised to deliver high-performance connectivity through their 5G network. According to them, tapping with Smart’s 5G services will warrant users “blazing-fast upload and download speeds” for better and greater productivity in 5G-covered areas.

Sun users would also be able to enjoy the benefits that the GigaLife app offers. Here, they can manage and load up their data if they wish to. They can also check out new offers and earn reward points in exchange for other offers.

This change applies to consumers only. The business side of Sun Postpaid is not affected.

Source: Smart