Apple doubles its efforts to remove outdated apps

Outdated apps are apps that have not been updated to the latest version of iOS which Apple requires to be compatible

Apple has reportedly stated that it will start phasing out apps that have not been significantly updated to run the latest version of iOS. If no update has been submitted within the next 30 days, the app would be removed from the App store although the app would not be removed on the user’s devices if they have it installed.

Some developers have expressed their concern regarding this change. Some apps and games have not had a significant update for a long time because they don’t need to, as their app is “complete” and “perfect” and all they need to do is release a routine update to fix the occasional bugs and glitches.

While this is only announced recently, Apple has been doing this move since 2016 and started removing incompatible apps and has put a notice for users who have been attempting to install this outdated app. Apple has warned developers again as they are doubling their efforts on this change.

Critics have agreed and defended developers stating that mobile apps should be retained regardless of their age since some of them are works of art or fully-established games that require no updates. They even go as far as to say that Apple has no respect for indie developers.

Google isn’t safe from this either, as they too have announced a similar move and would limit the visibility of apps if they “don’t target an API level within two years of the latest major Android release version”. Android developers have until 1st November 2022 to comply and update their apps. However if they couldn’t make it to said deadline, they have a chance to acquire a six-month extension. This is a band-aid solution though and the inevitable will happen, and apps that do not meet this criteria will be removed.

Source: The Verge