The Sun has set: Sun Postpaid will merge with Smart Postpaid

Its prepaid services remain available, however.

PLDT announced today that Sun Postpaid will be merged with Smart Postpaid by 25th April. After that date, all existing Sun Broadband, Sun Fixed Load Plan (FLP), and Sun Postpaid plans will no longer be available. Prior to that date, users can still use their remaining plans. Smart Communications also said that Sun Postpaid numbers will continue to be functional but will be rebranded to Smart. If you have plans already paid within the contract, it will incur no extra charges.

Smart also listed the benefits of merging with Smart Postpaid, including 5G services, the ability to manage your usage through the GigaLife app, and the ability to purchase Smart Postpaid plans. Users can also upgrade to the Smart Signature Experience. Users can keep their Sun Postpaid SIM Cards but they are also encouraged to upgrade to LTE to enjoy faster connectivity speeds.

For more info, check Smart’s website.