Have some good ol’ nostalgia! Rovio brings back the original Angry Birds.

Pay once and never again. No annoying pop-ups or in-game purchases here!

Picture this. You are a 5th grader. You just went home from school. You take out that one 4in. phone that your parents gave you and then you opened Angry Birds. You see the developer’s logo pop right in front of your eyes, and then boom! You hear the theme song as you tap on “Play”

Those were the memories eh? Before Genshin Impact, before Mobile Legends, before League, before Call of Duty Mobile. You just sit back and relax while you mercilessly throw kamikaze birds onto some piggies’ makeup fortress and return back the eggs that they stole for food.

Angry Birds, no matter how irrelevant it may seem now, will always be a memory that will cherish our hearts forever. The game has spawned a franchise, a movie, a mini-series, merchandise, and even collaborations like Star Wars and Transformers. There is also a sequel but it’s littered with in-game purchases. Not like the old times

Rovio Classics Angry Birds is exactly like the original. Maybe call it a remaster. Thanks to the #Bringback2012 campaign on Twitter (for once, Twitter actually did something decent), Rovio pushed for this project and now, to play the original Angry Birds, all you have to do is pay them Php57 (for Android) or Php47 (for iOS and iPadOS).

The version of Angry Birds you’re playing is the 2012 version — back when the game peaked in popularity. It features 8 episodes consisting a total of 390 levels!. While you have to pay for it, you do get the benefit of no in-game purchases. Just pure enjoyment and destruction… Like the good ol’ days.

It is now available for download on the aforementioned platforms.

Source: Rovio