In collaboration with iFixit, Samsung introduces its self-repair program.

This comes after Apple got some character development pills

Before April Fools day, Samsung has partnered with iFixit, known for disassembling phones and then examining them, as well as selling tools to repair certain devices, to initiate their Self-Repair program. The decision came after Apple decided to, surprisingly, bring back its self-repair program which is a huge character development for the company; as well as Microsoft which has iFixit supply parts of their Surface series of tablets

Samsung Service Centre in the US

“We are working with Samsung to improve their repair guide and DIY parts offerings, It is clear that manufacturers are recognizing that they need to embrace repair,” CEO of iFixit Kyle Wiens says.

The self-repair program will allow customers to take advantage of iFixit’s detailed step-by-step repair guides in case their phone breaks. In addition, they will also be able to obtain parts directly from iFixit, including tools needed to repair the specific part.

Weins said that guide to repair the Galaxy S20 series is ready to be used by customers as it is complete. Currently, the company is working on guides for the Galaxy S21 series as well as the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. Guides and tools needed to repair the Galaxy S22 series are yet to come, so stay tuned.

While parts to repair the back panel, display, and charging ports are available, the press release did not mention anything about battery replacement. According to iFixit, removing the battery alone requires a dubious amount of isopropyl alcohol and it’s actually more complex than the other parts. On the other hand, Weins said that Samsung display assemblies would have pre-glued batteries on them which in theory, makes battery replacement and repair a far less complicated task.

Fret not, as Samsung said they will expand the repairability once the program matures, so this may also include the battery.

The program is yet to launch and we don’t know yet if Samsung is bringing this program worldwide or just in select regions. One thing we hope for is that they bring it here as the Galaxy S series costs a luxurious amount of money to purchase as well as to repair via third party. Sometimes, they are unauthorized and may cause more harm to your phone than good.

Source: Samsung