TSMC, Intel, and AMD halt supply of chipsets to Russia, as per Taiwan and US sanctions.

Things are getting tense

Under the orders of the US and Taiwanese governments, Intel, AMD, and TSMC have all halted their exports on chipsets in Russia, as part of the ongoing sanctions on the Russian government, due to their invasion of Ukraine.

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Company) is one of the largest chipset manufacturers in the world. They supply the chips for many known companies like Mediatek and Qualcomm. It is also Asia’s most valuable company. According to Taiwan, the ban on exports of chips to Russia has little effect on them economically. However, several chipset manufacturers from Russia depend on TSMC in order to make their chipsets, so TSMC’s effect on Russia is far higher.

Several Apple services like Apple Pay have already ceased working in the country for certain Russian banks.

TSMC and the Taiwanese government are confident that these sanctions have little effect on their economy, as Russia only accounts for 0.1% of all semiconductor exports in the world. Both civilian and military chipsets have been banned in Russia for purchase.

Source: Apple Insider, Reuters