Globe’s GFiber Unli Plans now offer speeds up to 1Gbps

Certain freebies are available, but their customer service is still terrible. Fast speeds, unreliable services.

Globe has announced faster G Fiber Unli Plan speeds for up to 1Gbps. If you’re an existing Unli Fiber subscriber and you want to upgrade, then it’s perfect since now you can purchase up to 1Gbps speeds for a very cheap price of Php 9,499. However, that still depends if that promo is available in your area. Oh, there are also freebies on the plans, depending on which plan you’re getting.

For example, on all plans, you can subscribe to Konsulta MD, Viu, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime Video for free for 3 months. Please also read carefully the terms and conditions to avoid miscommunication and confusion.

The lowest plan not seen on the image is Plan 1299 which is only available from customers switching from other telco companies. This plan provides speeds up to 35Mbps on a fiber connection.

In addition to the freebies listed, all listed plans come with a FREE speedboost upgrade.

To learn more. Please visit Globe’s website.