Sony buys Bungie, developer of Destiny, for $3.6 Billion

Is this in retaliation to XBOX?

After Microsoft purchased Activision | Blizzard, many of the company’s titles became Microsoft property including Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and Call of Duty. This raises worries about the titles being XBOX exclusives, even if Microsoft said they won’t be (for now). Sony apparently also got worried about this and started buying companies too. This feels like the console war never ended and everyone is playing Monopoly.

Bungie acquired by Sony in $3.6 billion deal

Sony purchased Bungie, developer of games like Destiny and Halo (the latter of which is owned by Microsoft), for USD 3.6 billion, two weeks after Microsoft purchased Activision. Quite a weak attack versus the gargantuan USD 70 billion deal Microsoft did for Activision but okay. Don’t worry though, the company said that Destiny will remain multi-platform available on both XBOX and Playstation so Destiny users can enjoy the game on both consoles.

Bungie also does not have a large library in comparison to the juggernaut that is Activision | Blizzard. So this purchase feels like a salty move in our opinion. However, Sony ain’t done yet on acquiring game studios so you should expect more in upcoming months.

Source: Bungie