NO STOPPING NOW! Ministop Philippines to continue operating even after parent company pulls out.

Thank you, Robinsons! Now we can enjoy their tasty chicken meals and kariman fried bread without worrying about closure.

After a sudden news report from Nikkei yesterday about its parent company withdrawing from the Philippines, Ministop goers (including us) have been worrying what could possibly happen to the popular convenience store. If Ministop closed all its stores, then everyone would surely miss the flavourful fried chicken, the tasty slushies, and the crunchy kariman bread that’s quite affordable.

Fear not everyone. Ministop has announced through their Facebook page that they will not go full stop and the show will go on. That means the Gokongweis will continue the convenience store business knowing it’s popular among locals, employees, and students. Of course, they won’t just let 7-Eleven win.

Ministop also said they have still more offers to come, so excited customers should follow their social media accounts for updates.

One could actually fill an empty stomach through the store’s affordable but appetizing meals. A single sisig with rice meal can fill you for several hours without breaking the bank. If that’s not sufficient, then the fried chicken should come to your rescue because that also won’t destroy your wallet.

Source: Ministop