Samsung has sold over 300 million units, but the Galaxy S21 came under expectations

Probably one of Samsung’s least-selling flagships.

Samsung Galaxy A52 4G, one of Samsung’s “A” series phones released in 2020

A report from the news outlet The Elec showed that Samsung has sold over 300 million units, 25 million of which were the Galaxy S21 lineup, which is underwhelming for the company. Aside from the lesser competition as there isn’t any Note series released that year, previous flagships have sold around 35-40 million units prior to the pandemic. In related news, the Galaxy S20 series only sold about the same amount of units.

60 million units that were sold were manufactured by different ODM partners such as WinTech. An ODM company that also manufactures phones for companies like BBK and Xiaomi. The report said that the company has manufactured 238.88 million units from its in-house factories.

Among Samsung’s best sellers include the Galaxy A and M series of midrangers. The news outlet, interestingly enough, did not say anything about the sales figures of the Fold and Flip series, which sold pretty well in their respective markets.

There are certain factors why some phones didn’t hit the mark as they expected it to be. The most obvious being the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the chipset shortage.

Samsung is planning to ship around 334 million units this year, 285 million of which came from its own manufacturing units and the others from ODMs.

Source: The Elec