Google Play is coming to Windows 11 next year!

The implementation of bringing Android apps natively to Windows is old news but is one of the most anticipated and hoped for by many users. Others had resorted to using emulators like Bluestacks to make this happen but it’s not always reliable.

A screencap of Google Play opened on a Windows browser

During the Game Awards 2021 event, Google took center stage as they made an announcement stating that they will be bringing Android games to PCs next year as Google Play would soon be available on Windows 11.

Initially, the idea of bringing Android apps to Windows was through Amazon’s app store, which has a significantly smaller user base. Bringing Android apps to Windows was also an idea way before Windows 11 come into fruition and currently, the easiest and most popular way to do it is something like Bluestacks or Andyroid, both of which are Android emulators.

Android apps coming to Windows 11 were first announced during the first stable release of Windows 11 and it is one of the main highlights of the OS. However due to bugs and other stability issues, this was postponed for 2022 instead of the planned 5th October release alongside the OS itself.

Because Android apps can now natively run on Windows 11, the use of emulators would become redundant. However there would be more testing needed before many of these Android titles would be stable and adapted for use on PCs, as most, if not all, Android apps are meant for use on touchscreens on tablets and smartphones.

This move by Google allows users to freely and seamlessly switch between Chromebooks, Windows PCs, and Android phones and tablets simultaneously and also allows for a much larger Android ecosystem that benefits both the user and Google.

We are just hoping for a polished and nearly bug-free experience as this is a large step forward for PC users. If you can’t wait, however, there are always Android emulators in case you needed Android apps on PC that desperately.

Source: WindowsCentral