Filipinos are one of the top visitors of Pornhub, most of them are surprisingly female

Damn horny bastards

Pornhub has released its report about its demographics and its overall year in review. This is definitely an achievement we should be proud of, Raise the flags!

According to their report, the Philippines took the 9th position in terms of countries ranked by traffic, we also apparently spend about 11 minutes and 31 seconds on average within a single visit. The pandemic truly changed the world and how it is run.

The top five countries in the list include the US, UK, Japan, France, and Italy. Below are the search terms frequented on the website. And well… they are as what you expect, we have a specific taste when it comes to lewding and horniness

What is popular among Filipinos?

Also, less visitors are male which probably has been affected thanks to that one event last November. It’s like Squid Game but you lose dignity instead of your life.

52 percent of the users in the Philippines are female!

Oh, don’t you worry we didn’t use incognito mode to search this up ;). We are also using two hands so you’re safe.

Source: Pornhub (no really, we got this from them)