Globe to migrate all of its broadband users to fiber starting early next year.

This move allows for faster internet connections compared to non-fiber ones

Globe is migrating broadband users to fiber starting next year according to a statement made yesterday. They were planning to install at least 1.4 million lines of fiber connections within the year.

The goal has already surpassed to 250% as of October, and it has already started migrating DSL and LTE users to fiber over the course of the year. According to Globe, Fiber users can enjoy up to a theoretical 1Gbps internet speed

“By 2022, all of our customers will be able to enjoy fast fiber technology capable of handling the present and future needs of the household. We will continue to guide them for an easy and smooth transition,” Globe At Home Vice President for Marketing Barbie Dapul said.

Other broadband rivals such as PLDT and Converge are also aggressively expanding and installing fiber amidst the pandemic.

Source: ABS-CBN News