Google will deny any ads referring to the 2022 Philippine Election

Google is supporting the election in other ways that won’t cause a flame war.

Google Headquarters The Googleplex. Courtesy of Google

Google announced yesterday, 1st December 2021, Wednesday, that they will no longer allow ads that relates to the upcoming 2022 Philippine National elections. The company issued the following statement:

“This policy will apply to election advertisements that are purchased through Google Ads, Display and Video 360, and Shopping platforms that advertisers intend to place on Google, YouTube, and partner properties. This includes advertisements that promote or oppose any political party or the candidacy of any person or party for public office.”

The motive for this denial is to provide transparent and accurate information through literacy programs and product features, regardless of the candidates running next year. In addition, Google said that through these methods, they hope it will encourage Filipinos to vote wisely.

The policy will apply to any website that uses Adsense, ads purchased through Google ads, and through Google’s own platforms such as YouTube.

The tech giant has been supporting the election through the #MagpaRehistroKa tag of COMELEC, MullenLowe, TREYNA, and Dashboard Philippines. To help fight misinformation, the company has also launched the #YouTHINK magazine.

The policy will run from 8th February to 9th May 2022.

Source: Rappler