Samsung unveils “The Sero TV”, which is basically the LG Wing but as a TV.

It’s a TV that has a swiveling screen so you can watch in the orientation of your choice. It’s a smartphone that you can’t fit into your pocket.

Three days ago, Samsung unveiled The Sero TV, a tv that can fully rotate. The company has also brought the TV to the Philippines for a worthy price of Php74,999 (or ~Php75K). The Sero TV is part of “The Frame” series of televisions that also includes “The Frame, The Serif, and finally, The Terrace”

It is a 43in. TV and the first of its type here in the Philippines. Because it has a rotating screen, users can opt to watch in either portrait or landscape, depending on how they want to watch their shows. Users can switch to landscape or portrait through their remote control, SmartThings app, or by asking Bixby to rotate. The TV comes with its own proprietary stand in order to support the rotation feature. The TV isn’t an Android TV though, but you can turn it into one by purchasing an Android TV box.

The Sero TV showing its Portrait and landscape mode

In case you were thinking “What am I going to use the portrait for?”, there are plenty of uses. As TVs are getting smarter and smarter and are actually closer to being oversized tablets than TVs, this feature is useful for people who like to watch TikTok and YouTube Shorts on the daily, as well as some Netflix programs. Samsung also attempted to make this portrait feature useful by adding quite a number of features or gimmicks such as portrait mode screensavers, clock, Cinemagraph, and My Photo.

The Sero TV also has a feature called “Tap View” that lets users connect their smartphones, both iOS, and Android, easily. With Samsung’s intelligent upscaling, the TV can upscale up to 4K resolution.

For the sound, the TV has 4.1 channels for its front-firing speakers.

As mentioned earlier, the TV costs Php74,999 and is available to Samsung stores nationwide as well as authorised dealers. From November 1st to 30th, Samsung also has a limited time promo which includes a FREE Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, 6 months of HBO Go, and a 1-year subscription to Viu Premium when you purchase the TV.

Source: Samsung US, Samsung Philippines