Motorola to launch feature phones in India!

Hey, it looks like Motorola wants to compete with Nokia again, just like the good ol’ days.

Ahh, Motorola… A name that used to be popular during the early 70s until the late 2000s. Before the iPhones, before smartphones, there were two grand feature phone competitors… Nokia and Motorola.

Motorola is expected to launch three new feature phones for the Indian market. They are intended for those who are trying to avoid smartphones and those that needed extra contact without having to pay for the luxury for a smartphone. There are three phones in the series, the A10, the A50 and the A70.

All three feature phones will feature dual-SIM support, 1750mAh removable batteries, a plastic build, and a two-year replacement guarantee.

The Moto A10 and A50 will be powered using the Mediatek MT6261D. These two phones would have a 1.8in screen in full colour. In addition to the dual-SIM slot, the phones would also come with a MicroSD slot, up to 32GB in capacity, and a 3.5mm audio port. The A10 has no rear camera while the A50 has.

Other features include localised language selection including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. There’s also FM Radio support and auto-call recording.

The A70 is similar to the first two except it has a larger 2.4in. colour screen and a UNISOC chipset instead. The rest of the hardware spec remain the same. Namely, the VGA rear camera, LED torch, FM Radio, 3.5mm jack, and MicroSD slot. Sources also report that this phone can store up to 2000 contacts and 100 SMS messages.

Prices and Availability:

While Motorola has not confirmed the release date of these three feature phones, they are expected to be released within this month. The A10 would start at INR 1500 (~Php 1K), while the A50 and A70 would start under INR 2000 (~Php 1.4K)

It is unlikely the phones would be released here, but time will tell. Well, also Lenovo and/or Motorola.

Source: YTechB