Live images of the Samsung Galaxy S22 has been reported online!

FPT can’t read! Clearly said don’t take photos smh

Camera Setup of the alleged Galaxy S22 Ultra

Every year or so, Samsung releases its highest flagship phone under the Note and S series. This year, and probably the succeeding years, the Note line might be shelved and merged with the Galaxy S series in favour of their foldable phones.

Recent images of the Galaxy S22 were leaked online by a tech blog known as “Front Page Tech”. In their article, they showed every bit and piece of the said device. FPT said creators are free to spread the images around, so here we are.

As you can see from the images above, the rear camera does not have a bump, reminiscent of newer Samsung midrangers and even some of LG’s phones. According to FPT, the phone will have the following camera setup: 108mp main camera, 12mp ultrawide, 10mp telephoto with 3x optical zoom, and another 10mp telephoto but with 10x optical zoom.

The most interesting part is the bottom. Notice anything different from the previous iteration? It appears that the Galaxy S22 has the S-Pen and the S-Pen slot. As we mentioned earlier, there are rumors that Samsung is finally killing off the Galaxy Note line, evidenced by the fact that the Galaxy Note 21 isn’t launching this year. Sure, Samsung said they aren’t launching it due to “chipset shortage” which is still happening now, but there may be more reasons internally, and that is, Samsung is merging the Galaxy S and Note series since the two are nearly indistinguishable and redundant, apart from the S-Pen. And Samsung is prioritising more on their foldable lineups such as the Fold and the Z series. To accommodate the S-Pen, the thickness of the phone has been expanded.

While Samsung has enough space to fit the S-Pen. The phone apparently is too cramped to fit a headphone jack in. Nice going, Samsung.

The display is also curved, unlike earlier rumors stating that it would have a flat panel. Like other phones in the series, it would be SAMOLED or another variant of OLED, possibly with a high refresh rate.

While FPT didn’t reveal the internals of the phone, we speculate that it will come in two versions, just like the previous handsets. One with a Snapdragon chipset (possibly the SD898) and one with Exynos, possibly the Exynos 2200. Samsung and AMD are working together to create this new chipset, so on the graphics side of things, the new Exynos 2200 might be better than its competitors. We hope.

The phone is speculated to be revealed early February 2022, along with its other lower-end siblings. Once the official specs are out, we’re sure to report it!

Source: Front Page Tech