Netflix adds an optional gaming subscription for its Android users!

Netflix Games… That doesn’t sound right… how about “Gameflix???

Netflix previously teased that they are planning to cater to the gaming market soon and has already built up plans on how they are going to execute this. With over 200 million Netflix subscribers, the company is confident that some of them may also like their gaming plans. This makes them a more direct competitor to Amazon and its Amazon Prime Gaming subscription, if this ever becomes successful.

Now, the company has made a soft launch, starting with the easiest and possibly the largest markets for gaming: Android users! All users need is a subscription as well as an all-access pass. According to Netflix there are no ads, no in-app purchases and no additional fees.

When Android users update the Netflix app to its latest version, they can see a new tab dedicated to this gaming space. In that tab, users can choose a game in which they can freely download so as long they have a subscription. Users who are using tablets will see a dedicated games row and categories. Some of these games are playable offline too (while others are online-only or requiring a connection).

Users can play the downloaded games on the same account on multiple devices! Of course, this has to adhere to Netflix’ mobile device limit. Don’t worry, the company said they will announce it to you once you reach the limit. If you did reach the limit, then you can sign off or deactivate one of the active devices which has Netflix signed in. You can also deactivate them remotely over at Netflix’ website.

In addition to these features, Netflix has also created a parental feature that lets them set up a PIN code so that children won’t be able to access inappropriate or adult-only content on their profiles. If you have set up a kids profile, the games tab and subscription won’t be available.

Source: Netflix