Canalys: Apple re-takes its second place during Q3 due to strong iPhone 13 sales. Android manufacturers declined.

Some people can’t get enough iPhone that it bounced back Apple’s sales, despite supply struggles.

The iPhone 13

According to the latest financial shipment report by Canalys, Apple had a good run during the third quarter of this year that it bounced back to third place overtaking Xiaomi. In the top 5, there’s Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and two of BBK’s brands Oppo and Vivo respectively.

The reason for the decline of Android phones in general is due to the worldwide chipset shortages and that demand has outstripped the supply. However, this also affects Apple’s financial figures and is also one of the reasons why Microsoft overtook them as the most valuable company. Apple expects softer and worse figures during the fourth quarter.

The iPhone 13 series had a high number of pre-orders, unlike the previous iPhone 12 series. The iPhone 13 series were a compelling upgrade for users who had phones that were aged between two to three years and due to its smaller notch design, users of previous iPhones, starting from the iPhone X series, may definitely upgrade to this newer iPhone.

However, their amazing performance during was not due to the iPhone 13 alone. Canalys noted that the subtle discounting and maintaining of the iPhone 12 series is what kept the company growing as well as rapid progress in Back-to-Back channels around the world. The company is aiming to bounce back to its number one spot next year.

In the graph above, we can see that Apple has once again overtaken Xiaomi from its former second position. The company had a good growth of 15% during the last quarter and has shipped over 50 million devices, which is 3% more and 7 million more devices than last year’s. Interestingly, Xiaomi’s annual growth declined slightly and has shipped 3 million less devices during Q3 2021 vs Q3 2020, though their market share remained the same.

Oppo has strong sales and massive growth but this also includes OnePlus devices. Recently, OnePlus has announced that they are once again merging with Oppo and would soon use Oppo’s services, including ColorOS. The company has an annual growth of 18% and has shipped about 37 million devices within Q3 2021.

For more information, please read Canalys’ report here.