It’s been two days since Disney Channel died.

The channel has formed an integral part of everyone’s childhood, including ours.

Disney has announced prior that Disney Channel Asia (including Hong Kong) would be shutting down on 1st October in order to pave way for its streaming service Disney+. Is this a sign that cable is dying and that streaming would be the future?

It’s not just Disney Channel though, Disney Junior (otherwise known as Playhouse Disney) has also signed-off, as well as multiple Fox channels, since Disney owns them now. These include Fox, Fox Crime, Fox Life, FX, Fox Action Movies, Fox Family Movies, Fox Movies, Fox Sports, Fox Sports 2, and Fox Sports 3. Nat Geo People, Both Star Sports channels, Star Movies China and SCM Legend are also being pulled out. National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Star Chinese Channel and Star Chinese Movies survive though.

Last Airing message, courtesy of: Matt Reinhart TV

While Disney is pulling out of cable services, which seems to be no longer as profitable, they will remain large in Asia. As if they’re ever going out, they’re going to lose such a large audience and money if they completely get rid of themselves. They will be present through its direct-to-consumer services, studio entertainment, consumer products, games and publishing.

Fans have stayed overnight to see the last day of Disney Channel, some have even recorded the last few bits of the channel. The channel ended during the last run of SVTFOE Season 2 (Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 2) with a terribly coincidental (or probably even intentional) message, so you know, to sadden the fans more. Just search for SVTFOE’s ending credits and listen to its last lyric.

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Source: Rappler